Intuitive Life Coaching & Spiritual Readings

Skype Sessions Available

What is Intuitive Life Coaching?

Intuitive Life Coaching is an "integrated" form
of Private Counsel and Intuitive Insight combined.  

What you can expect in your sessions with me is a deeper understanding of
yourself and those you have dynamic relationships with.  You will learn what
underlying blocks keep you from reaching your inner-most-happiness.

You will also gain a "spiritual" peace within yourself enabling you
to reach beyond the challenges of your life -
bringing you a true sense of self,
your strengths and

You will gain a better understanding of your
specific soul blue-print and insure that
you are moving toward your spirit's plans & goals....  

Intuitive Life Coaching compliments traditional cognitive therapy.

What is a Spiritual Reading?

A Spiritual Reading is solely Intuitive and Psychic in nature.  

It is my greatest joy to share my clairvoyant abilities
to help others and to assist my Clients in relieving the heavy weight held
in their hearts and minds, and to raise the conscious awareness of "why"
various situations are unfolding in their lives.  
It is my belief that we are all here to learn how to "love" more,
"learn" more, "give" more...essentially to "evolve" as Spiritual Beings.

I ask my Clients to come prepared with written questions regarding their
heartfelt concerns and to be prepared to receive spiritual guidance
towards their soul's lessons, from the past, the present
and their journey ahead.

Kristine uses her own unique "Cards" &
upon request...Tea Leaf Readings
during your session with her.  
To learn more about Tea Leaf Readings ~
click here.

How do I make an appointment?

Intuitive Life Coaching & Spiritual Readings are offered by
appointment only and can be in person
, on the telephone
and via Skype.
Serving you in Sequim, Port Angeles, Carlsborg, Port Townsend,
Port Gamble.

Appointments are made by phoning 360.582.0083
or simply fill out the “Contact Us” page.

All sessions are both private and discreet.
Cash, Paypal
& In-State Checks accepted.

Payments need to be received 24 hrs prior to your appointment

A Two Day Notice of Cancellation is appreciated
30 Minute Session        $80.00
45 Minute Session      $120.00
1 Hour Session            $160.00
Kristine Rose-Walsh, M.Msc.
Intuitive ~ Spiritual Life Coach ~ Teacher
Intuitive Reading