Tea Leaf Readings

Kristine Rose-Walsh offers Tea Leaf Readings in conjunction with her
Spiritual Intuitive work.  A lover of
all plants, flowers & herbs, Kristine's gardens show not
only ornamental plants and blooms, but also fruits, vegetables, herbs ~ including
organic therapeutic medicinal herbs for tincture.

Kristine is a certified Therapeutic Aromatherapist &
enjoys working with all genres of plant life.

What is Tassology?

The art of reading tea leaves is referred to as Tassology.
The word derives from the French word tasse (cup),
which in turn derives from the Arabic tassa (cup).

Tea leaf reading is an ancient divination practice interpreting patterns
made by tea leaves in the cup. The tradition of tea leaf reading
arises independently from Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece.  
Modern Tassology has also been associated with the Scottish,
Irish and cultures throughout Eastern Europe.  

For more information about "Tea Leaf" Readings feel free
write Kristine by using the "contact us" page or by calling 360.582.0083.
Kristine Rose-Walsh, M.Msc.
Intuitive ~ Spiritual Life Coach ~ Teacher